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Do less, be more.

Achieve less, have more.


- Lao Tzu



"As a surfer, snowboarder and mountain biker, I constantly put extraordinary strain on my neck and lower back. I feel that yoga is the only way to counter-act the cumulative damage that sports can cause over time. Over the years, I’ve practiced many variations of yoga and each of these has had different approaches and different benefits.

While in San Francisco, I recently attended a YogAlign session at Well Yoga Studio. Margaret Huang, an extremely knowledgeable instructor, led my session. It was apparent that Margaret really knew her stuff, and I was amazed with the detailed presentation of her YogAlign approach. I was also impressed by how much emphasis went into spinal awareness and how the YogAlign techniques work to correct and strengthen. The postures were gentle and precise as I felt them immediately targeting my own physical injuries. Great care was given to personalize each posture to suit my particular body limitations. Not every person is built the same. Margaret also introduced me to philosophies concerning self-confidence, the reduction of stress and the techniques that can help to achieve them.

I also currently practice Bikram “Hot” Yoga, which is quite repetitive and almost militaristic in approach. To me, YogAlign is a well-rounded practice that covers much more than the hot yoga approach. YogAlign explores all aspects of a true and complete yoga practice.

Well Yoga studio is warm and bright and the professionalism is outstanding. I look forward to studying under Margaret again in the near future.

- Hal Strong, Nutritional Supplement Sales



“I met Margaret Huang while vacationing on the island of Kauai. I took a yoga class with her and was so impressed with her style of yoga therapy that I hired her to do a private lesson with me.

In Margaret’s class she incorporates different forms of global stretching to elongate areas of the body which have become shortened or contracted.

It is a relaxing experience which leaves one with the feeling that their body has been lengthened and mentally calmed. I recommend it highly for general health and relaxation."


 - Dr. Neal G. Snyder



"I've been playing sports for most of my life and work on my feet a lot so have developed pains in my lower back and hips, knees and shins.

I've mainly done Bikram yoga, but recently attended a YogAlign workshop with professional surfer Rochelle Ballard and her friend and fellow YogAlign instructor Margaret Huang. Being a surfer myself, and having the pains associated with surfing, I found the stretches, breathing and massaging to be an incredible healing process. But one of the bigger surprises for me was when they showed pictures of what our spine should be doing while in yoga practice and in daily life. The YogAlign style is designed to keep your spine in its natural state, like a spring, something other yoga styles don't do. Also, the philosophy taught, creating self-confidence, focus and calming your mind and body during periods of frustration, etc... was something not experienced in other yoga studios.

Luckily for me, Margaret lives in San Francisco and has classes at her studio. The nice thing about Margaret's sessions is that only a few people attend, which allows her to be personally involved with each student. And if you can do a private class with her, do it! Margaret will take time to explain what your pains are and what stretches and personal healing techniques to do to improve your body's health."

- Will, professional photographer



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