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Why Well

Well provides a comfortable, private setting for personalized yoga sessions tailored to your specific needs. For those who would rather avoid trendy, over-crowded, smelly yoga classes, Well is the perfect alternative.

Whether you’re a busy professional needing stress relief, a stay-at-home mom getting back into shape, an elite athlete wanting to increase flexibility and avoid injury, a commuter hoping to alleviate chronic back pain, or a seasoned yogi looking to deepen your practice, Well is for you.

Here you will get personal attention addressing your unique body and lifestyle.


'Attention' implies to attend, that is to listen, hear, see, with all the totality of your being, with your body, with your nerves, with your eyes, with your mind, with your heart, completely.

- J. Krishnamurti



For more information or to schedule a session, please contact:

Margaret Huang, RYT 





well: your body. your time. your yoga. 

a personal yoga experience